My Favourite Quote: Tom Adam, Canberra Martial Arts

My personal favourite quote is:

Reality = Perceptions minus Expectations.

I learned it working for a major hotel chain in 2002 – it has always been attributed to anonymous.

There are many variations of this formula, but I have found this works best – and I’ve grown my Martial Arts school around it. Not to mention I’ve seen failures that my team have made that we could have all worked better if we’d applied it.

The formula – Someone will have a negative reality if their expectations are greater than their perception of any particular experience. Basically put, it’s better to under sell and over deliver than visa versa.

It resonates for me, as a business owner and Master Martial Arts instructor, I have found people who expect too much are never happy with the their negative reality…. because their perceptions didn’t match or exceed their expectations. Like most, if you think attaining your Black Belt is the end of your training you’ll be bitterly disappointed as it’s just the beginning…

Tom Adam is the Managing Director/Founder/Chief Instructor of Canberra Martial Arts.

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