The best thing my dad taught me: Mick Owar

“My old man was an interesting one… plagued by bad health (predominantly asthma), was always forced to use his wit over his physical body. Being the eldest, I often became his muscle for doing things around the house, and some of the things he taught me were:

1. Don’t be a “Gonna-man”, as in, “I’m gonna finish off this project soon”. Which eventually evolved into my personal slogan… “Getting shit done!”
2. If you commit to something, don’t pull out halfway. He taught me this whilst driving on the roads, however it’s EXTREMELY versatile, throughout all walks of life.”

After following my old man’s advice (with his own interpretations) Mick has gathered many different skills over the past 20 years to lead him to where he is. He became extremely practical with hands on experience and sought out a great deal of clever strategies to build business through various means. Putting the two skills together, he helped to create a down to earth group, focused on getting the job done with a great big smile!

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