I’m a huge fan of giving plants as gifts, here’s why:
1. There’s something special about being entrusted with a living gift.
2. They’re inexpensive – you can pick up a small plant at a nursery for under $5
3. You can gift them in a beautiful pot – there are plenty of cute options on the market…or you can make your own!

Here are a few ideas to get you started..

1. Shell pot

If you or the kids have collected lots of shells from walks on the beach, this is how to put them to good use! Shells in their natural form give pots a beach-house vibe (especially when teamed with terracotta pots), but you could also paint them (metallic colours are pretty) for a different look.

Source: www.marthastewart.com

2. Spot pots

If you want to paint a pot, it doesn’t get much easier than spots. You can customise you colours to suit your recipient, but black and white, as well as tonal greys are contemporary and would suit most décor.

Source: Pinterest

3. Button pots

Ditto to the shells, if you have a stash of buttons this is an excellent way to showcase them, rather than keeping them hidden away in your button jar.

Source: Pinterest

4. Twig pot

This is probably one of the most cost effective ideas for pot decoration as twigs can be foraged for free! Attach them with a hot glue gun for speed/ease, and finish off with natural twine or hessian ribbon for an organic look.

Source: https://craftgawker.com/page/2714/#57050

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