This is a really cute card for a guy – especially if he has glasses!

Why we love it:
  • This card has a really “cute” feel about it that celebrates wearing glasses. 
  • This card would be relatively easy to make yourself – plastic glasses such as these are readily available at discount stores (often in the toy/novelty section). Goggly eyes and bow are available at any craft/haberdashery store. 
  • You could print, write or stamp the text. 
  • Have some fun with the border on the card by using patterned paper, ribbons or even a strip of sequins. You could also experiment by using different coloured cards (instead of white). 
  • To create a female version of this card, simply add eye lashes and fuller, coloured lips and/or hair. 


This fun greeting card could be used for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, Thank You card…

Why we love it:
  • This sophisticated, neutral colour scheme would work well for a guy. 
  • The combination of pattern and plain card adds texture and interest to the card. 
  • Introduce pops of colour to this card with coloured beads or sequins. The neutral-coloured background will carry just about any colour. 
  • You can customise your message to suit your recipient/occasion, or use stamps or stickers to create the letters. 

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HANDMADE CARD OF THE WEEK: Mr Fix It card for DIY enthusiasts

Know a guy who loves his DIY? This is the perfect birthday or Father’s Day card for ‘handy’ blokes. 

Image from www.littlescrappieces.blogspot.com.au

Why we love it:
  • This is possibly one of the cutest cards we’ve seen. We love the addition of the googly eyes that ‘bring the tools to life!’
  • This card could be used for either a man’s birthday or Father’s Day. 
  • You can play around with different colours and patterns for the background of the card. 

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HANDMADE CARD OF THE WEEK: Stripe and heart card

Keeping it simple is always a great idea when it comes to handmade cards, especially if you’re new to the craft. This nautical-inspired striped card is an excellent example of simple executed to perfection…

Why we love it:
  • This is a striking card that would suit anyone for any occasion. The blue and red colours work particularly well for a man, and you can tailor your message to suit your recipient. 
  • You could experiment with paper in different colours, textures, and patterns. 
  • The heart motif is really cute, but you could use any shape – stars, flowers, or even buttons for a 3D effect. Check out the craft section in your local discount store for scrap-booking trinkets. 

Handmade card of the week: Birthday present card

We love simple handmade cards – I would challenge anyone to make a version of this beautiful card. 

Image from www.jaymamalme.blogspot.com.au

Why we love it:
  • This is a super simple card that anyone (even kids) could make thanks to the easy shapes. 
  • This is a great way of using up left over wrapping paper and ribbon. 
  • This card would suit anyone – man or woman – of any age, depending on the colours and patterns you choose. 
  • You could hand-write or print the ‘Happy Birthday’ text, depending on the look you wanted to go for. 

Handmade card of the week: Simple stripe card

Sometimes the best handmade cards are the simplest…

Image from www.etsy.com

Why we love it:
  • These tonal blue stripes work really well on the green background – this is a great colour choice for a guy. 
  • This would be a great card design to customise for anyone, and for any occasion. Simply change your colour palette and message. 
  • Play around with combinations of printed paper/card or strips of metallic paper for a different look. 
  • Instead of the spots, you could use star stickers, sequins or diamontes for texture and bling. 

Handmade card of the week: Pop-out birthday card

How much did you love pop-out birthday cards as a kid? Now you can make your own adult version…
Image from www.indulgy.com

Why we love it:

  • Who doesn’t love a pop-out birthday card? Keep the outside simple so the surprise inside has a bigger impact. 
  • Although this looks like an ‘all-singing-all-dancing’ birthday card, the design is actually pretty simple – multicoloured balloon shapes with triangle Happy Birthday bunting. To simplify, keep the balloons all the same size and limit your colour palatte. 
  • This is a great way to use up left-over scraps of paper. 
  • You can of course customise your colour palette and message to suit your recipient. 
  • This design would also make a cute ‘Congratulations’ card for a wedding, engagement or baby card. 

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Handmade card of the week: Confetti cards

Colourful confetti spots have a celebratory feel about them and are an easy way to create a fun handmade card…  

Why we love them:
  • You can easily make these types of spots yourself with different coloured paper and a hole punchTip: Fold the paper and punch it in several layers to create more spots. 
  • You could experiment with metallic or printed paper for different looks. Tonal colours work well for adults, and bright contrasting colours are fun for kids. 
  • You don’t have to be too precise and glue each spot – spread some glue (Pritt Stick type glue works best) on your card and sprinkle spots for a more random effect. 
  • You can add other ‘accessories’ to your card for the spots to appear from – we love the envelope used on the card above. 

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Handmade card of the week: Button cards

Apart from fastening clothing, there are many great ways that buttons can be used to add a little fun and colour into our lives…

Why we love them:
  • Most people have a box a random buttons at home. This is a great way to turn them into something fun that will put a smile on someone’s face. 
  • These card ideas are inexpensive – you can you a plain piece of card and write/draw your message by hand.