The MAN LAW mantras are as follows:

1. Grilling is ALWAYS the first choice of cooking!
2. Cutting meat to check for DONENESS is like sawing down a tree to find its age.
3. A garnish is a bad disguise for not buying enough food.
4. Two months’ salary is a small price to pay for fireworks.
5. Vegetarianism is to be encouraged, as it leaves more meat for us Normal people.
6. The barbeque chef shall be kept hydrated at all times.
7. The collapse of a lawn chair by someone sitting in it is only funny if it’s someone else.
8. A proper sear negates any harmful effect of a steak falling on the ground.
9. The cheaper the beer, the more loudly you should say how cold it is.
10. Flare-ups will be handled calmly and discreetly until such time as flames spread to a national park.
11. Due to the delicate balance and concentration required, the user of a hammock should not be disturbed under any circumstances.
12. The dinosaurs are gone, so it is no longer possible to buy a steak that is too big.

Aussies have an international reputation for being BBQ Kings, so it hurts to admit that this awesome BBQ brand was developed in the US. Truthfully though, it doesn’t matter if this brand was developed in Australia, the US, or on the moon for that matter. All that really counts is that these products rock. We’ve been looking for a killer BBQ brand since Mr Gift’s inception. We’ve had lots of requests for high-quality BBQ wares and now we’ve been able to deliver!

The MAN LAW range consists of exceptional BBQ tool sets in a traditional hardwood or contemporary metal finish, as well as cool gadgets such as the Digital BBQ tongs. We also love the meat thermometers – now there’s no excuse for an overcooked steak (unless nanna requests it), which will keep everyone happy, especially the BBQ Boss.

Why we love MAN LAW:
This brand does everything it says on the packet. The products are simple, non-fuss and smartly presented in packaging that echoes MAN LAW’s sense of humour. What you see is what you get, and best of all, these tools are built to last! High-quality BBQ tools are a backyard essential, as well as a great addition to your camping box. Nothing says ‘summer’ like a good old Aussie BBQ so make sure you’re the BBQ King this year and treat yourself or your bloke to some new gear from MAN LAW.

BUY NOW and receive FREE DELIVERY on any MAN LAW product purchased before 5pm Weds 28  November 2012. Simply enter coupon code MAN when you place your order.

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