BRAND OF THE WEEK: Würkin Stiffs

It was a night out that inspired the conception of the first Würkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stay. An expensive new shirt with a runaway collar that refused to stay in place prompted Würkin founder Jonathan Boos to quickly create a make-shift collar stay. Jonathan’s first attempt was pretty crude, but it worked. Several hours (and drinks later), Jonathan’s collar still looked pristine (even if he looked a bit worse for wear!).
How the Würkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays work


The next day, Jonathan reflected on his creation and realised he might be onto something that other men may also find useful. He consulted his twin brother, Joshua, who was a hairstylist and constantly battled with runaway collars when he was moving around all day. Joshua was impressed with Jonathan’s concept and assisted with more research until a revised prototype was created.

Würkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays in 2.5″ length $44.95


In the early days, Jonathan’s wife Amie and 10 month-old son Aiden drove around, selling the range to specialty stores. Since Würkin’s inception in 2006, the product range has grown to include other high-quality men’s accessories such as cufflinks, wallets and passport holders.

Würkin Stiffs Multi-plaid Square Cufflinks $99.95

The Würkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays still remain the ‘jewel’ in the Würkin crown and are available in various sizes, including the popular 2.5” length, as well as an Assorted Sizes pack to ensure all evil collars can be tamed. Clever design and quirky packaging further confirm why the range has such a strong following in the US, and now internationally.
Why we love Würkin Stiffs: The quality of all Würkin products is impeccable (an essential criterion to get the Mr Gift Quality Gifts for Men seal of approval). Quality, coupled with the timeless styling and design makes each piece versatile and suitable for men of all ages. No stylish man would be without a Würkin accessory (or two). If you’re looking for a gift with a unique point of difference for a discerning dude, look no further than the Würkin range – you’ll be impressed, but most importantly, so will he.

 Würkin Stiffs Passport Holder with RFID technology to protect your card information $99.95

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