Top Ten Gifts for Beer and Wine Enthusiasts

We all know one, in fact there’s usually at least one (or even two) in every family. Yep – a beer and/or wine enthusiast. They’re usually their most active at this time of year when the weather is at its warmest, hanging out in pub beer gardens or on balconies and patios with glass or stubbie in hand. And if you need to buy one of these guys a gift this year, we’ve got you covered with our list of Top Ten Gifts to buy a Beer and/or Wine Enthusiast…

Ok, so you’ve probably heard about the benefits of decanting and aerating wine. Basically, decanting opens the wine up, releasing its aromas and resulting in a smoother, more mellow drink (read more about decanting here). If you want a quick and easy way of decanting that doesn’t involve getting out the old decanter, check out the Nuance Wine Finer. It’s hands down the quickest and easiest way of decanting. Once you’ve tried it you’ll never drink another bottle of wine again without it.

Do you always finish a bottle of wine? No, really? Think about how many bottles of wine you’ve thrown out because you haven’t finished them and they’ve gone bad. If you’re reluctant to open a good bottle or a bottle mid-week for fear of not finishing it, check out the Longitude Wine Preserve.


How many times have you bought some delicious European beers and then spend ages scrabbling around in that second kitchen draw trying to find your bottle opener? If you never want to lose your bottle opener again, get one that you’re proud to keep on display. The Nuance Bottle Opener is as effective to use as it is pleasing to look at.

Don’t risk getting done for Drink Driving. Monitor your blood alcohol level with this handy breath tester key ring. It even detects 0.02% BAC, so you can gauge how close you are to 0.05%.

Everyone needs a personal hip flask and this one’s a cracker. One side reads: “Booze Pour Homme” and the other reads “Pub in my pocket”. Great size that will fit in most pockets. Love it!

How hard is it to find decent port glasses these days?! Try something different and give these traditional port sippers a go. Port sippers enhance the flavour of your port or fortified wine and this design has been around since the 1700s.


The emergency is when the glass is empty. 


8. Moleskine Beer Journal $39.95

Keep a record of your wonderful beer adventures*

*Disclaimer: If you’re capable of writing at the time or can remember anything the next morning.


This cool glass looks like the neck of a beer bottle that has been turned upside down. The silicon lid also acts as a coaster to protect your table tops.



Never let that bottle get away again. Keep a record of the wines you try and enjoy (as well as the ones you don’t) so you can buy more (or never drink them again). See Disclaimer for Beer Journal.

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