Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

Gorgeous gifts for marvelous mums this Mother’s Day

A Mother’s love is like a garden,
Her children are the seeds,
And as they grow, she tends to them,
Fulfilling all their needs.
Wherever there is beauty, a Mother’s love is there.
2013 is my first Mother’s Day as a mum. Being the considerate mum (and wife) that I am, I’ve made a list of gifts that I wouldn’t object to waking up to on Mother’s Day. If the mum in your life isn’t quite as “forthcoming” as me when it comes to gift ideas, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourties. Whilst our tag line is “Quality Gifts for Men”, there’s always a few gift ideas that are so good it’d be a shame to keep them from the girls!

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1. Kobo Seeds Candle, Sweet Sunflower (with Sunflower seeds) $44.95

The gift that keeps on giving: Kobo Seeds Candles are packaged in a box that is infused with seeds that will grow the plant the candle fragrance represents.
This warm-scented Sunflower candle presents elegant floral aromas of pink jasmine, cyclamen and lily. The overall fragrance is beautifully balanced with fresh top notes of lemon, melon and crisp apple, as well as deeper additions of rich cedarwood and sensual white musk.

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2. Luggage Tag – Did Somebody Say Upgrade?

Because every girl likes an upgrade (hint, hint guys!)

3. Secateurs $39.95

A beautiful pair of traditional-style secateurs with an ash handle and stainless steel blades.

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4. The Little Veggie Patch Co Book: How to Grow Food in Small Spaces

Down-to-earth gardening tips and advice that makes sense – this book is an essential for every garden’s bookshelf.

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5. Eggling, Wild Strawberry $24.95

This little Eggling will brighten any kitchen windowsill – a quirky gift that mums will love. 

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6.Cable Knit Heat Pillow $32.95
Pamper mum with this luxurious heat pillow – perfect for snuggling with in front of TV this winter!

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This unique set of glasses consists of four different coloured glasses, so everyone can remember which glass is theirs.
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8. Vintage Record Coasters $29.95

This unique set of coasters is made from original 33lps – a beautiful gift for a music-loving mum. 

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9. Vintage Dictionary Print – Keep Calm and Drink Wine (framed) $24.95

US Print Designer, Kerrie Lightfoot has handcrafted each of these prints from the pages of vintage dictionaries. Each one is 100% unique and like no other. 
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Warm wishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day 2013,
from Courtney and the Mr Gift Team

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