Our Latest Favourites: New Gift Ideas

If there’s a birthday or special occasion coming up that you need to purchase a gift for, read on for some new ideas.

We’ve been busy little bees sourcing new products and are in the process of updating and refreshing our range for winter. Here are a couple of our latest finds that make unique (and reasonably priced gifts).

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1. Work Darts Set $19.95
Liven up your office with this fun cork board and darts set-in-one. 

2. The Beer Book of Awesomeness $21.95
A fun tribute to the “drink of kings and the king of drinks”. An essential for any beer lover’s bookshelf.
3. 10-in-1 Survival Tool – $4.95
No home, office, camping or fishing box is complete without one of these!
4. Brushtech Small V-Shaped BBQ Brush $12.95
The days of summer BBQing might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we should pop the cover back over our dirty BBQ and forget about it until next spring. Give it a bit of TLC so it’s ready to go as soon as the warm weather reappears. 
5. Baileys Shoe Brush and Polish Kit $24.95
Spruce up those winter shoes with a clean and a lick of high-quality beeswax polish. 
6. Water from a Stone Plant Waterer (pair) $24.95
If you’re planning to get away for some ‘winter sun’ make sure your plants are taken care of with this clever self-watering device. 
Recipe of the Week: Beef, Mixed Bean and Spinach Soup with Poached Egg 


Serves 4

•8 eggs
•3 cups reduced salt beef stock
•1 cup water
•200 g lean beef, thinly sliced
•1 cup mixed vegetables (carrot, celery, onion, leek,
•parsnip) chopped into small dice
•1 can (400g) three bean mix (no added salt)
•4 cups baby spinach leaves, washed
•2 tbsp chopped parsley
•Freshly ground pepper


1. Place beef into a saucepan, add stock and simmer until almost tender then add the vegetables.
2. Drain and rinse the beans well under running water before adding to the stock.
Bring back to a boil.
3. Add the spinach, simmer for one minute and season with pepper.
4. Poach the eggs and set aside.
5. Place into bowls, add the egg and garnish with parsley, seasoning with freshly ground pepper.

Chef’s tip: Use cheaper cuts of beef, which tend to have more flavour but do take longer to cook, and use a pressure cooker to speed up the process. 

Serve with crusty toasted bread or garlic or herb bread.

This recipe was kindly shared with us by the team at the Australian Egg Industry. www.eggs.org.au is their consumer site – check it out for more info on eggs, recipes, nutrition and frequently asked questions.

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