Top ten handmade Father’s Day cards

If you haven’t bought a Father’s Day card today it’s not too late to whip one up! You don’t have to be a craft whizz to create a half decent card – here are ten simple ideas that you can try out yourself or with the kids…
1. A very sweet handmade card with an owl (owls are very on-trend at the moment!)
2. Love the notepaper background of this card. You could also replace the stars with any shapes, such as hearts. Trace around cookie cutters for a neat shape.
3. A funny handmade card
4. A great card for the DIY dad

5. A simple card with a lovely message
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6. Felt is great for cutting out cute shapes like this little car. The buttons are also a sweet addition. If you’re not a sewer, you could forget the stitching and glue the shapes.

7. A lovely pop-up card idea

8. Trace the outline of your kids’ hands for a personalized card

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9. A cute way to use bow-tie shaped (Farfelle) pasta

10. And last, but not least…our favourite card. Who would have thought that chocolates could make such a gorgeous card!

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