Why posters make the perfect gift

Posters. They’re the overlooked “gift hero”. Here are some reasons why posters make great gifts:

1. They add colour and personality to any space

2. You can never have too much art for your walls. If you run out of wall space you can simply rotate pieces to keep your home looking fresh. Framed pictures also don’t take up much space and can be neatly flat-packed into the back of a cupboard.

3. There’s a poster for everyone – just have a think about what they like e.g. coffee, wine, food, art, etc.

We’re offering 10% off ALL POSTERS from Thursday 16/10/14 until midnight Thursday 23/10/14.

Use Coupon Code POSTER in the Coupon Code field when you place your order. 

1. Classic Cocktails Poster (unframed) $64.95
Who can resist a classic cocktail? Your friends will have fun picking out their favourite cocktail from this poster. If you like cocktails, read on for a classic cocktail recipe. 
2. The Compendious Coffee Chart (unframed) $49.95
An absolute beauty for coffee lovers.
3. The Triple Distilled Diagram (unframed) $49.95
I’m not sure if this poster actually succeeds in explaining the relationship between different alcohols, or if it just confuses the issue! Either way, it’s a simply fascinating poster that will have you and everyone that looks at it studying it closely. 
4. Varieties of Beer Poster (unframed) $59.95
Come on, what man do you know wouldn’t like a beer poster? 

Designer, Kerrie Lightfoot loves “making old things new and worth-while again,” especially “Things that might have gotten discarded or forgotten about”.

“Recycling, repurposing, upcycling”. It was from this philosophy that Kerrie’s label, The Salvaged Sparrow emerged. Kerrie’s fascination with old books, in particular dictionaries “with discolored edges and an old smell (you know, like your grandma’s closet?)” has resulted in a unique, handmade range of one-of-a-kind prints on vintage dictionary pages.

Below are some of the designs Mr Gift sells exclusively in Australia…

                  Bacon Rules (framed) $24.95                                                  Beer Varieties (framed) $24.95
        Keep Calm and Drink Beer (framed) $24.95                             Keep Calm and Drink Wine (framed) $24.95
                  Make Coffee (framed) $24.95                                                Man Cave Rules (framed) $24.95
            My Prince Did Come (framed) $24.95                                           Wines Varieties (framed) $24.95

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