Handy Home Tips: Button Earring Organisers

You would be forgiven for thinking I’m obsessed with buttons are all the recent posts on handmade button gifts. It turns out that buttons are handy little things – even for organising your earrings. 

I have a small jewellery tray that I keep my earring studs in when I’m not wearing them, but I can never find the pair I want when I’m rushing to leave the house and frantically sorting through the tray. 

A handy use for spare buttons
Image from www.ezzly.hubpages.com

Why we love this button earring organiser:

  • It keeps pairs of earrings together in a large object that is easier to spot in a jewellery box
  • Everyone has spare buttons they could use for this
  • It’s a really attractive way of storing your earrings
  • It prevents earrings from getting lost, damaged, or separated from their back fastenings
  • You can store studs and drop earrings this way

Here are some other ways to use buttons:

Seven Ways to Use Buttons on Gift Cards and Tags

Do you have any great ways to reuse buttons? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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