Handy Home Tips: Towel Baskets

Does your home have enough storage? 

I am yet to meet anyone who has enough storage in their house. Having enough room to store everything in your house is not necessarily related to the size of your house. A large house with no cupboards can have less practical storage than a small house with clever storage options. 

The secret lies in seeing potential storage opportunities and making the most of them, like these wall-mounted towel baskets for your bathroom. 
Image from www.ezzly.hubpages.com
Why we love them:
  • It keeps the towels where you need them – in the BATHROOM! No more nudie runs to the linen cupboard to grab a towel when you forgot to get one before your shower. 
  • They’re stylish – these baskets are a design feature that look great on your bathroom wall. We love the colour-coordinated towels and shower curtain. 
  • Most bathrooms rarely have another bulk storage space to keep big items like towels. After all, you don’t want to waste your previous vanity cupboard space on towels!
  • They’re inexpensive – baskets like these are easy to source these days a will only require a couple of screws to secure them to the wall. 
  • They are versatile – you can choose how many baskets, what shape and size you go for. 
  • You can add more later if you need extra storage. Also consider other options such as wooden or plastic creates – anything that works well with your existing bathroom decor. 
  • They add value to your house. If you ever come to sell your property, buyers will appreciate storage solutions. 

Where do you store your bathroom towels? 
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