Cool Cakes: Pool Shark

Everyone knows a pool shark. And we reckon they’d love this cake – along with anyone else who’s partial to a game of pool…

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Why we love it:

  • It’s made from cupcakes, which are quick and easy to make. 
  • This is a great cake option for a guy
  • It’s bright, colourful and fun
  • The cupcakes are pretty easy to ice with fondant icing
  • Cupcakes are easy to share, so no need to worry about cutting up a cake so everyone gets a piece (just make sure you’ve got a few spare cupcakes to ensure you’ve got enough for everyone!)
  • You can make the cupcakes any flavour you like, or a combination of different flavours
What was the last occasion you made a cake for? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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