Kraft paper gift wrapping 5 ways…

The birthday season has arrived amongst our group of friends. The lovely thing about most of the birthday parties we have been going to at the moment is that our children (most turning three) are now old enough to appreciate a birthday party (even though they haven’t mastered Pass-the-parcel yet!). 

Getting ready to go to a friend’s birthday party is a real event in itself at the moment. There’s the present to buy, the card and wrapping paper to choose, a party outfit to select…and my three-year-old is reveling in these choices! We have had a lot of fun making these decisions together, as well as getting crafty with cards and gift wrapping. 

We’re loving kraft paper at the moment. You know, the stuff that you can buy cheap on a big roll at stationery shops or newsagents. Here’s our latest creation from the weekend, as well as some other cool kraft gift wrapping ideas…

How to do it:
1. Take your present, as if you’re going to wrap it and cut kraft paper to correct size
2. Grab some coloured markers, crayons, etc. and start drawing. We love adding a birthday message, as well as who the present is from in case the card gets separated from the pressie. 
3. Wrap as you would with regular gift wrap
4. Add ribbon, twine or other embellishments

Here are some other kraft paper gift wrapping ideas…

Loving the hand-drawn spots on this paper, as well as the spotty ribbon

This one takes a little more drawing talent than I possess, but it’s great to see what’s possible!

Stamps are also a great way to personalise your kraft paper gift wrap
Image from

White or metallic pens on brown kraft paper gives it a fresh feel. Play around with simple design motifs such as stars, hearts, balloons. Image from

Which kraft gift wrapping idea do you like best?
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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