Product of the Week: Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

Mobile phones aren’t cheap…so there’s nothing worse than having to leave yours lying on the floor charging at the risk of being kicked across the room when someone doesn’t see it there. But we can’t always control where the power points are located, so this is where the Driinn Mobile Phone Holder comes in handy…

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder, black

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder, white
Why we love it:
  • This charging platform simply hooks over your mobile phone charger to keep it off the floor 
  • It’s thin, lightweight and easily folds in half to slip in your bag when you travel
  • The non-slip foam layer on the holder base prevents your phone from slipping off easily
  • It’s available in black and white
  • Holder is also suitable for holding iPods and other small devices 

Where do you currently charge your mobile phone? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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