How to Wrap the Perfect Present: Tips from Rebecca Ridhalgh, JetSet Gel

Due to popular demand, our How to Wrap the Perfect Present tips are back! We love asking for advice on gift-wrapping, as everyone has their own unique tips and tricks on how to wrap a present. This week we caught up with Rebecca Ridhalgh from JetSet Gel. 

1. What are the best types of wrapping paper?

Rebecca: Patterned wrapping is the best! But then ribbon should be simple so it’s not too busy.

2. What is your wrapping technique? Why is your method the best?
Rebecca: Best wrapping method is to ensure the wrapping paper is the right size. Too much paper will make the wrapping uneven and bulky in places. Too little…and your gift is a little naked!

3. Ribbon or no ribbon?
Rebecca: We love ribbon and think it really finishes off the wrap. It’s important that the ribbon suits the paper as well.

4. How does your style of wrapping vary for gifts for men, women and kids?
Rebecca: Wrapping often differs for men, women and kids in a number of ways including colours, patterns, ribbon and detail. 
Men: neutral or dark colours, more minimal wrapping with simple bold details, ribbons are often plain. 
Women: more pastels and warmer colours, more feminine and detailed patterns and ornate ribbons. 
Kids: bright and fun colours, the more entertaining and different the better!

5. What are some cost effective/eco-friendly alternatives for presenting a gift beautifully?
Rebecca: Cost effective, eco-friendly AND looks good: wrapping in newspaper. Especially good for guys or kids. Make sure to use a plain ribbon to make it still have the gift wrapped look!

Eco-friendly newspaper gift wrapping with plain ribbon
Image from Urban Barn Blog

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