My Top Gift Tips: Jodie McGregor, Jodie McGregor Flowers

The best gifts are the unexpected, thoughtful ones, like the big bunch of flowers Jodie McGregor received from some of her customers. This week Jodie shares her other Top Gift Tips with us…

1. The best gift I ever received was…
“A big bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day given to me by some wonderful customers who wanted me to enjoy the day too. Their thoughtfulness after I’d worked 48 hours straight brought tears to my eyes.”

2. The top gift on my wish list is… 
“A pre-booked massage and facial. Gift vouchers are great but when it’s pre-booked you’re not running around like crazy trying to use a voucher just before it expires.”

3. The best gift I have ever given was…
“One that I got to share – a holiday to Bedarra Island with my husband and three kids. Gorgeous sunsets, crystal clear water and…….no shops or mobile reception!”

Bedarra Island holiday gift

4. The hardest person I have ever had to buy a gift for was/is…
“My husband as he has no filter and says exactly what he thinks of any present I buy him. I guess I can’t complain that he’s not honest………”

5. The best last-minute gift is…
“A magazine subscription. It’s quick and easy and the recipient gets to enjoy a nice surprise all year round.”

6. My hot gift buying tip is……..
“Think beyond roses at Valentine’s Day. Supply and demand issues push the prices of roses up but not other flowers.”

Jodie is the founder of Jodie McGregor Flowers, the winner of the 2016 NSW and ACT Sydney Fresh Florist of the Year and creates stunning floral bouquets online and at her Annandale, Sydney retail store. 

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  1. Fabulous suggestions Jodie, I especially love the "pre-booked massage", I am one of those busting my boiler trying to use the voucher before it expires, pre-booked it will be made to happen.

  2. Fabulous suggestions Jodie, I especially love the 'prebooked massage', I am one who rushes like a madwoman at the last moment to use a voucher before it expires, having a booked date makes it happen.

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