The best advice my dad gave me: Din Haikin, Shenkin

“From a young age my dad always taught me to be a kind person who doesn’t change to meet other people’s expectations. This has directly influenced the way I see customer service, and the way we teach our staff. Being authentic and making customers feels comfortable the moment they walk through our door is the key to Shenkin’s success and to creating a happy work environment. In regards to business, the best thing my dad taught me (and continues to drill into me) is to never take your eyes off your goals and let that motivate you to push through the hard times.” 
– Din Haikin

Din Haikin’s father Arie Haikin started the business – Shenkin – which Din is now running as Managing Director. Shenkin is a cafe and restaurant group based in Sydney, Australia, that is growing but always maintaining the traditional values of a small family business. Shenkin’s menu concepts and recipes all come from Din’s father who is a brilliant baker and chef who has been honing his skills since he was born into the family bakery in Tel Aviv, Israel. Learn more at

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