My Favourite Quote: Mazdak Mohammadi, founder of blueberrycloud

“My life-changing quote was received at a very young age (around 4-5) and it came through a poster my parents at pinned to my wall. I don’t believe an author was cited however, it read as follows:

‘I can because I think I can.’

The quote resonates with me because it reflects what I believe to be true about my role in life. I have always looked at obstacles with a fire that says “I can because I think I can”. This attitude has found me success in my life, and it is one of my most powerful mental tools.” – Mazdak Mohammadi

Mazdak Mohammadi is the owner of blueberrycloud, a digital marketing studio based in Vancouver, Canada. . Mazdak has helped hundreds of local small, and larger brands exploit the unique opportunities available to them within the arena of digital marketing. Notable brands include Glacier Media, Rogers Foods, Cushman & Wakefield and the Canadian Coast Guard.

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