Seven Ways to Use Buttons on Gift Cards and Tags

Do you have a Button Jar? If so, how many of the buttons in that jar can you identify?

Chances are the garment that spare button/s came from is long gone, but you can’t bare to throw any out…just in case.

Here are some ideas of how to reuse old buttons, especially the decorative ones that are too nice to hide away in a jar!

1. I Love U card
Beautiful use of various red and pink buttons glued on a stripy heart shape.

2. Multi-coloured button gift tag
A lovely way of using a mix of different coloured/sized buttons. You could use seasonal colours (red and green for Christmas) or tonal colours that suit the recipient.
3. Button flowers
These gorgeous little button flowers could be applied to a card or gift tag in a number of different ways. The newsprint flower base works well with any coloured button, and you could use tonal or contrasting coloured thread to add other colours to your theme.

4. Button monogram
This button monogram would make a beautiful baby gift – as a card or as a framed piece of wall art. This is a gift to treasure forever!
5. Button gingerbread man
These sweet little gift tags would be great for children’s gifts, or on a child’s party invitation
6. Button balloons card
It’s fun to think of objects that buttons could be turned into on a card…
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7. Button cupcake gift tag
A very sweet idea for a gift tag anyone would be delighted to receive – and keep forever! Masculine blue, red, grey, or green colours could be used to make this gift tag for a man.
What’s the most memorable card or gift tag you’ve ever received?
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Top ten handmade Father’s Day cards

If you haven’t bought a Father’s Day card today it’s not too late to whip one up! You don’t have to be a craft whizz to create a half decent card – here are ten simple ideas that you can try out yourself or with the kids…
1. A very sweet handmade card with an owl (owls are very on-trend at the moment!)
2. Love the notepaper background of this card. You could also replace the stars with any shapes, such as hearts. Trace around cookie cutters for a neat shape.
3. A funny handmade card
4. A great card for the DIY dad

5. A simple card with a lovely message
Image from
6. Felt is great for cutting out cute shapes like this little car. The buttons are also a sweet addition. If you’re not a sewer, you could forget the stitching and glue the shapes.

7. A lovely pop-up card idea

8. Trace the outline of your kids’ hands for a personalized card

Image from

9. A cute way to use bow-tie shaped (Farfelle) pasta

10. And last, but not least…our favourite card. Who would have thought that chocolates could make such a gorgeous card!

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What to write in a Father’s Day card

Do you struggle to find the right words for messages in greeting cards? If so, you’re not alone. Purchasing the gift is often easier than working out what to write in the card, especially if you’re not a sentimental person. Here are a few things to consider when you’re thinking of the perfect message in the card:

– The personality of the recipient – are they fun-loving, serious, sentimental? This will help you decide what type of message you write. A fun-loving person might roll their eyes at a soppy message, whereas a funny message might be lost on a serious person.

– What you’re trying to say – sounds obvious, but what is the main message you’re trying to express? Appreciation and gratitude? Love, or simply a message that will make them smile?

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Top tips:

1. Use a special quote or saying that means something to you both

2. Think of a special moment you’ve enjoyed together previously (this could be from when you were a child, or more recently) and say why you enjoyed this. You could also thank them for something kind they’ve done for you lately.

3. Father’s Day is about taking a moment to give thanks and show appreciation for everything the Dad’s in your life (father, husband, grandad, Godfather) do for you and your family.

4. A Father’s Day card can be sent to any man who has inspired you and had a positive influence in your life.

If you’ve bought your Father’s Day card, but are stuck for words, read on. Here are some of our favourite messages to write in a Father’s Day card – feel free to tweak and customise these as necessary…

To dad, from you:

1. “I’m so proud to call you my Dad. I love you!”

2. “Thanks Dad, for your love and guidance throughout the years.”

3. “Thanks for being there when I needed you – I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

To dad, from the family:

1. “You’re irreplaceable – thanks for being such a special part of our family, we love you.”

2. “We’ve always looked up to you – thanks for setting a positive example for us to follow.”

3. “For all the fun times we’ve shared, and fun the times ahead, here’s to you, Dad.”

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To Grandad:

1. “You’re the rock of foundation in our family. Happy Father’s Day, to the world’s best Grandad.”

2. “Happy Father’s Day, Grandad. I hope my grandchildren have fond memories of me, like I
do of you. I treasure the time we’ve spent together.”

3. “Grandad, I’m grateful for all you’ve taught me (even your bad jokes!). You’ve had such a positive, calming influence on my life and I admire the man you are. We love you so much, happy Father’s Day.”


To other Father-like figures, i.e. Uncle, Godfather, Mentor, Step-dad, etc.:

1. “We’re thinking of you on Father’s Day and are so grateful for all you’ve done for us.”

2. “To the best Godfather in the world, my parents did well when they chose you – you’re the best man for the job.”

3. “Thanks for the love, support and wisdom you’ve shared over the years. You’ll never know the difference you’ve made in my life”.

To Husband or Partner:

1. “Not only are you the father of our children, you’re the love of my life. Happy Father’s Day to the world’s best dad and husband.”

2. “I’m grateful for every day that we share life, love and parenting together. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and father for our children.”

3. “There’s no one I would rather share our life journey with than you.”

Whatever you say, and however you say it, we wish you and your family a very happy Father’s Day.

Our Favourite Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

There’s nothing like a humorous Valentine’s Day card to make your loved one’s day. Here are a few of our favourites…

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What’s the funniest Valentine’s Day card you’ve ever received?

Five ways to reuse your old Christmas cards

I’m looking with dismay at my beautiful display of Christmas cards. I know Christmas is over, but I can’t quite bear to take them down yet, especially since some are handmade. 

Every year I’m faced with the same predicament, so this year I thought I would try and find some creative ways to reuse our Christmas cards. Here are a few of my favourite ideas, which could also be applied to other cards throughout the year…

1. Make gift tags for next year
All you need to do is develop a template shape that you like (you can use a commercial gift tag from this year) to trace around on the back of your Christmas cards. Simply cut out your tags, add string or ribbon of your choice (you can be as fancy as you like here) and then stash the tags with any left-over gift wrap and decorations for next year. You can find full instructions at

2. Make Placemats
Simply cut out and layout or collage your cards together on an A3 or A4 piece of paper, glue down then laminate. You can also cut out and display the messages in the cards – your family will love reminiscing every time they use these special placemats.
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3. Make a gift pouch
These little pouches are ideal for giving jewellery or other small gifts. 
See how to make one here
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4. Make a Christmas wreath
All you need to make this beautiful wreath is:
1. A stack of colourful Christmas cards
2. A holly leaf stencil/template
3. A hot glue gun
4. Toothpicks
5. A Styrofoam wreath

5. Cut them up so your kids can practice their weaving skills
Kids will love working with the bright colours of the cards, and card is a lot easier to weave with than paper. Here’s what to do

What do you do with your old Christmas cards? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…